Aug 7, 2011

Blog has moved!

ADI is now known as Atoll Scuba. Blog has been moved to:

Dec 20, 2010

ADI Management handed over to Squid Media

The management and marketing of ADI have been handed over to Squid Media Pvt. Ltd in November. Squid Media provides a comprehensive one-stop digital media solutions for all. We're also in the process of re-branding ADI. To see more about Squid Media, please check their website:

Oct 24, 2010

'Brenda' the Manta

The Manta named 'Brenda' is one of the oldest recorded Manta Rays in the world according to Anne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler who has been researching the Manta Rays in the Maldives for the last couple of years. 'Brenda' was first recorded in 1986 and at that time she was about 10 years old. The photo below was taken at Lankan Manta Point (the outside reef of Paradise Island Resort) on 23rd October 2010.

Oct 14, 2010

The Life Aquatic with Lacadives!

We have officially partnered up with 'The Life Aquatic with Lacadives' from India. We'll be doing a lot of liveaboard trips all over the Maldives starting from 2011. Now a little info about who 'The Life Aquatic with Lacadives' are...

The Life Aquatic is a lifestyle company created under the Lacadives Brand. The Life Aquatic with Lacadives educates people about the blue planet, advocates a lifestyle of SCUBA diving and marine conservation, and acts in different fields to connect you with the life aquatic and open a new world to you.

Check them out @:

Sep 15, 2010

Underwater Video Shoot for TravelXP Channel

We just finished the first part of the underwater video shoot for a travel show called 'Great World Hotels' for the channel TravelXP. The shoot was at Huvafenfushi Resort & Spa in North Male' Atoll. The Dive & Water Sports Center 'Float' assisted us in every way they can to make the shoot go smooth. One more shoot left and we'll keep you updated...

Mohamed preparing the underwater camera port

Shaff & the director Tascha discussing the shots

Mohamed & Tascha busy at work

The host, Kim Jagtiani

Shaff & Abdulla from 'Float'

Up on the surface after finishing the shoot

Sep 10, 2010

Hanifaru trip onboard the Atoll Cruiser

A dive expedition to Hanifaru, Baa Atoll from 2nd - 9th August onboard the Atoll Cruiser was a real success. The divers from India and UK did some pretty great dives at Hanifaru bay for 4 days and also snorkeled with Mantas and Whale Sharks. ADI co-founder and famous DJ Nikhil Chinapa joined the trip as well. We're going to be sending one of our cameraman on board the Atoll Cruiser and her sister vessel Finolhu on their scheduled trips from October. So keep an eye out for breath taking underwater and surf videos and photos.

Atoll Cruiser (

Nikhil finally conquered Hanifaru!

Whale Shark at Hanifaru

Mantas feeding at Hanifaru

Divers enjoying a Baa Atoll dive site

All photos courtesy of Eddie Huzzey

Sep 8, 2010

ADI is BACK after a break!!!

Aqua Dreams Imaging is back after a break from filming and photography. Have finished a few shoots in the short time we're back and will update the blog regularly.

Eyes of a Hawkfish, Banana Reef