Oct 14, 2010

The Life Aquatic with Lacadives!

We have officially partnered up with 'The Life Aquatic with Lacadives' from India. We'll be doing a lot of liveaboard trips all over the Maldives starting from 2011. Now a little info about who 'The Life Aquatic with Lacadives' are...

The Life Aquatic is a lifestyle company created under the Lacadives Brand. The Life Aquatic with Lacadives educates people about the blue planet, advocates a lifestyle of SCUBA diving and marine conservation, and acts in different fields to connect you with the life aquatic and open a new world to you.

Check them out @:


Siku said...

so does this mean i get to dive in Lacadives too? haha :D

Aqua-Dreams said...

Yes Siku, you can dive in Lacadives. That's when and if we ever plan to go there!