Sep 23, 2008

Aqua Dreams Imaging & Maldivers Team in Baa Atoll

Filming in Baa Atoll have been wrapped up and now the team is back in Male'. Dived Dhonfan Thila, Dhigalihaa and also one of the best sites in Baa Atoll, Nelivaru Haa. The team snorkelled with over 30 mantas and also in the end with a Whale Shark.

The Team (Andholhey taking the photo)

Faizan videoing at Nelivaru Haa

More updates soon....

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Anonymous said...

cool..hope u guys get more Whale shark clips..lets make thjis one amaxing local doccumentary now shall we? also we doul love to see more faizan videos on facebnook!!