Dec 11, 2008

Back from filming and photography in Baa Atoll

Aqua Dreams & Maldivers Dive team returned from filming the Manta Rays and Whale Sharks in Baa Atoll Hanifaru recently after a week of diving. Captured really good video footage and photographs of the Mantas and Whale Sharks feeding at Hanifaru bay. There were countless number of Manta Rays and about 5 to 8 different Whale Sharks. The videos are currently being edited and compiled by our editors and the photos are being selected and archived. A video of the Hanifaru Dive trip will be uploaded in a few days to our Youtube channel:

The Team

Yaambe filming a Manta Ray

Manta Rays & School of Fussilers

Shaff filming the Manta Rays

Yaanbe & a Whale Shark

Whale Shark & Cameraman

The trip would have not been possible if not for the valuable help from Jinah and the people of Island of Kendhoo specially Alibe, Mode and Sappe'.

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DhivExercise said...

Looks like quite good framing options aye man?? Nice pix